A.R.M. yourself with SohoShield™
- Advanced Remote Monitoring

re:Invent your IT Infrastructure with low-cost IT Solutions and HP Hardware for the Cloud
Now offering:
- Advanced remote monitoring
- 24/7 NOC IT Support Desk 
- State-of-the-art hardware for the cloud
- Disaster recovery solutions
- Low cost IT solutions and hardware parts support

Ask about our risk-free, 30 day free trial for remote monitoring!!
- Takes only a few minutes to download the agent to view your dashboard
- No cost to you up front
- Stop wasting your time and budget on mundane, daily issues

Contact us today to receive a special 60 day FREE trial for Advanced Remote Monitoring that utilizes up/down configurations and a customizable dashboard listing all features available with a paid subscription. Save time and money from frustrating IT problems, outages, and part failures with Proactive Remote Monitoring powered by LabTech! Just fill out your information below and an engineer will be in contact with you within 24 hours to help set-up for free trial monitoring agent to get started!
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For questions or comments e-mail info@sohocorporation.com or call us toll free at 800-919-7646
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Toll Free Number: 1-800-919-7646
Local Phone: 603-422-0944
Interested in moving to the cloud?
Soho offers several low-cost options for customers interested in seamlessly moving to the Cloud.  Contact us for more details

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